The Colour of a Shamen by Ken Kamara & Colin Ellis





Make-up and art director: Nora Nona
Director of video: Ken Kamara
Creative Director of video: Colin Ellis
Hair: Vernon Francois
Photographer: Stuart Weston
Stylist : Samson Soboye
Jewellery Designer: Angela Hertault
Model : Zoe Brown

This piece, comissioned by, shows that one can work around the static and more than often boring photoshoot setting in order to get something that is more than moving photography. I should make clear, that I’m talking from a film-making perspective here, and quite a haunting film Ken and Colin did achieve here! Whoever is responsible for the heavy (and very skilled!) use of after effects should be credited with the main directing for this film. As it is with many other fashion films, the directing shifts from the guy on set who “filmed” (recorded would be a better fit) models in front of a studio backdrop to the guy who’s editing and posting and arranging the material in order to get an ambiance, sometimes even some kind of narration out of it. Truth is, most of the times it feels kind of forced and just doesn’t work. Not with this film! So congrats to the talent involved and you, dear reader, are welcome to enjoy this very nice horror- and witchhouse-themed spot!

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