Ghostly International Week: “HTRK - Bendin” by Nathan Corbin

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Directed by Nathan Corbin

This is the first installment of “Ghostly International Week”, our first ever theme week. Ghostly is one of the most famous American labels for electronic music, known for releases by artists like Dabrye, Legowelt, DMX Crew; or to cite more recent ones, Golden Panda, Matthew Dear or Phantogram. And, of course, the great HTRK (=”Hate Rock”). What we especially like about Ghostly is that lately, they also developed a distinctive visual identity with their music videos. That’s why we like to dedicate a few articles to present some of those on Ravished.
Well… it’s hard to find words for what we see here. But somehow, it’s going really deep and gets under your skin. The beautiful cinematography and perfect paced editing have their part in it, sure, so does the lush and sombre title track. This is a truly mesmerizing music video which transcends you into some hidden corners of your subconscious. And there’s also a sense of dark mystery to it which is not explainable. Director Nathan Corbin (of NY band Excepter) still tries:

“An alien crash lands in downtown LA, breaking a water main. Balancing itself against the Earth’s gravity, the alien bends and twists out of sight from firemen inspecting the damage. It finds seclusion in the city’s little used elevators and escalators. It tries to drink water but can’t swallow. The alien wanders into an arcade. Men play pool surrounded by a dozen TVs all playing the same soap opera. These humans, waiting for the bus or floating down the boardwalk on segways, seem all the more estranged. Yet the alien puts this circus of weirdos at unease. The alien twists down the boardwalk with it’s energy drink in imitation of the humans around it…impossibly trying to fit in.
Jonnine and Nigel both play the alien. ‘Bendin” is dance video, literalizing the song’s themes of bending and twisting in the movements of the alien.” (via Visitation Rites)

Kind of obvious, right? However, be sure to come back wednesday for the next installment of our music video week.


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